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Transform Hypnotherapy

Overcoming limitations using hypnosis and hypnotism in Christchurch NZ

Juliette Harris BSc Hons, NZAPH, HNZCH

Who We Are

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist


Juliette Harris qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2009 and has been running her own Clinic in Christchurch since then. Juliette is a full Professional Member of the NZAPH and HNZCH, and has completed many additional trainings including the Virtual Gastric Band, EMDR, Gut-Directed Hypnosis, Auto-Immune Hypnosis, EFT and NLP.

Our Treatment Focus


Our focus is to help individuals achieve their goals and change unwanted habits, behaviours or limiting beliefs. We achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and customizing a hypnotherapy treatment plan. 

Our Sessions


All hypnotherapy sessions are private and confidential. Personalised recordings are provided in MP3 or WAV format for clients to listen to at home to reinforce the changes we have made. Session times vary depending on the needs of the individual and our prices are per session rather than time-based.

Our Therapy - See also our services tab above

Virtual Gastric Band


The VGB hypnosis for weight loss program has a 95% success rate in clinical trials in the UK. The package consists of 4 sessions each a week apart with recordings to listen to daily at home. Whilst this program has a set script, sessions are personalised for individual needs.  The Virtual Gastric Band program is generally aimed at those who main issues are with portion control and snacking.

Juliette also offers a Weightloss & Healthy Lifestyle 2-session hypnotherapy package for those not requiring the VGB.


Quit Smoking


Our Quit Smoking hypnosis package consists of 2 sessions, 1 or 2 days apart. Personalised recordings are provided for you to reinforce the changes and make the transition to a permanent non-smoker smoothly and comfortably. 

Weight Control & Healthy Lifestyle


   For those who want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle routine, we offer a 2-session package that is tailored for your individual needs. This package also includes personalised recordings to use at home. The sessions are usually a week apart.

Depression, Fear & Anxiety


  Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through hypnotherapy, we are able to help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life.  We can also help overcome fears and phobias, often in just 1 or 2 sessions.

IBS & Gut Directed Hypnosis


Often IBS symptoms present themselves after a period of stress such as a relationship break-up or loss of a job or a loved one. Other times it is food related and the discomfort can have knock-on effects throughout your life. Gut Directed hypnosis is a proven technique to alleviate these symptoms and Juliette is the only South Island hypnotherapist with this qualification who works with local Gastroenterology specialists.

Sleep & Stress


Stress can result in a variety of adverse symptoms, including a restless night's sleep. For some people the issue is falling asleep and others it's staying asleep. By using hypnotherapy and the recordings we provide for use at home, we can teach you relaxation techniques and reprogram your subconscious mind to allow for a more restful night's sleep, feeling more refreshed and alert during the day.

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